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Applying to CMT in 2014 - how to get it right

Advice on Making Your Application

Although the details of the application form are still being finalised at present, it will be similar to those that we and most other Schools of Medicine have previously used. If you make sure your cv is up to date now it will contain all the background data that you will need to complete the application. The window to complete the application is short and so that is not the time to start thinking what you should put on the form!

The application forms may include details of

  • Undergraduate Degrees/ Prizes/ Qualifications
  • Postgraduate Degrees/ Qualifications
  • Employment
  • Previous experience
  • Audit
  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Practical & Clinical Skills
  • Personal Statement
  • The personal statement is particularly important. We are looking for evidence that you have fully researched your decision to pursue hospital medicine and are showing commitment
  • We like to see that you have started thinking beyond core training and have some preliminary ideas about what higher training you might do- expect to be asked about this at interviews also.
  • Additional information not covered in the other sections can be included in the personal statement. This may be on your achievements outside medicine itself but should still have some relevance to medicine e.g contributions to management as a junior representative on a hospital committee
  • Outside interests may carry some weight if they involve skills that have relevance to medicine e.g. team leadership in a mountaineering expedition