The department of Haematology is based at the Avon Haematology Unit (AHU) in the Bristol Haematology Oncology centre (BHOC).

The unit is staffed by consultant haematologists (Dr Bird, Dr Evely, Prof. Marks, Dr Robinson, Dr Standen, Dr Mehta, Dr Massey (transfusion) and two medical oncologist (Dr Price and Dr Beasley) who provide clinical cover on an attending system. There is a staff grade haematologist, 4 specialist grade haematology registrars, one F1 and two F2 junior doctors employed on UHBristol medical SHO rotations.

The unit has an inpatient ward of 17 beds, 9 single rooms and two 4 bedded bays and an integrated day-care area seeing up to 30 patients per day.

Training opportunities:

Ward based SpR:

The SpR can expect to gain experience in managing a wide variety of elective and emergency admissions including intensive therapy for AML, ALL, relapsed lymphomas, aplastic anaemia and autologous stem cell transplants as well as patients presenting with complications post 100 days of an allogeneic transplant. Experience can also be be gained in managing conditions like sickle crisis, TTP etc.

Day unit SpR :

Procedures in day-care include assessment of new urgent cases, appropriate follow-up of recently discharged patients, bone marrow examinations, lumbar punctures and supervising administration of blood products, apheresis procedures, administration of intravenous antibiotics and chemotherapy.

The day unit SpR also conducts 3 ‘pre assessment clinics’ a week helping make decisions around the appropriateness, suitability and prescription of IV chemotherapy for patients.

Laboratory SpR:

There are modern and well-equipped haematology laboratories at the Bristol Royal Infirmary providing a wide range of services for the diagnosis of haematological and coagulation disorders. In addition to blood film and bone marrow aspirate reporting, experience in immunophenotyping, molecular techniques and histopathological diagnostics (bone marrow trephine and lymph node biopsies) can be gained in this post, under the supervision of a ‘laboratory attending’ consultant.

Haemostasis and thrombosis SpR: see separate entry

Outpatients, MDT’s and Clinical Trials

Apart from general haematology clinics, there will be opportunity to attend subspecialist clinics in lymphoma, myeloma, haemostasis/ thrombosis and haemoglobinopathies.

There is a lymphoma/ myeloma MDT and a leukaemia MDT every week discussing the diagnosis and management of new/ relapsed patients.

There is a ward based MDT on Thursday afternoon discussing all inpatients (on AHU and BMT), discharges and deaths which is attended by all medical staff and has input from the nursing staff, microbiologists, pharmacists, dietitians etc.

There is a well established clinical trials unit and trainees are encouraged to get involved in the recruitment and follow up of patients in various trials.

Training, Audit and Research:

Trainees are encouraged to complete one audit project whilst at UHBristol.

There are research opportunities with Dr Standen (molecular haematology), Dr Mumford (haemostasis/thrombosis) and Prof Marks (stem cell transplantation)

There is an ongoing teaching programme locally and in the region like weekly laboratory meeting/ Journal clubs, morphology meetings which the trainees are encouraged to participate in actively.