Medical Ophthalmology Training Programme

This is 5 year training programme with entry from ST3 from core medical training/ internal medicine or ophthalmic specialty training. Medical ophthalmology training is managed by the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board.

There are two posts based at the Bristol Eye Hospital with medical placements at the Bristol Royal Infirmary and Southmead Hospital, Bristol.

What do medical ophthalmologists do?

Medical ophthalmologists or ophthalmic physicians manage adults and children with medical conditions affecting the eyes, orbits and visual pathways. Systemic disease may present with ocular or visual symptoms, and ophthalmic physicians care for patients with complex conditions where an understanding of systemic disease is essential. Ophthalmic physicians prescribe immunosuppression, including biologic treatments, for ocular inflammatory disease. Retinal laser and injection treatments are used for the retinal disorders such as retinal vein occlusions and diabetic retinopathy. Neurological conditions presenting with ocular symptoms include multiple sclerosis, stroke and myasthenia gravis. Some ophthalmic physicians manage diabetes retinal screening programmes. An ageing population and increasing complexity of treatments had led to an increase in demand for medical ophthalmologists.

Medical placements during higher medical ophthalmology training include neurology, rheumatology, clinical genetics and renal medicine.


Further information


Contact Catherine Guly, Medical ophthalmology Training Programme Director, Bristol Eye Hospital


Additional information about the training programme and entry requirements may be found at: ST3 Specialty Recruitment Webpage and JRCPTB Medical Ophthalmology Training