Key Contacts

Training Programme Director for Acute Medicine – Sarah Gillett, RUH Bath

Head of School of Medicine: Dr Ananthakrishnan Raghuram

Associate Dean for Medicine: Dr Geoff Wright

Education programme Manager: Joanne Pickstone / Louise Peckham

Education programme coordinator: Faye Price

Health Education South West Severn supervises all postgraduate medical specialist training in the region.

Information about the Specialty

This is a 4-year training programme in Acute Internal Medicine. Most trainees elect to dual-accredit in General Internal Medicine (GIM) as well, making a 5 year programme altogether.

See below for membership of the Training Committee:

  • Sarah Gillett (Training Programme Director) - Acute Internal Medicine - Bath

  • Ijaz Ahmed – Acute Internal Medicine – Swindon

  • Roland Jenkins - Respiratory Medicine - BRI

  • Thikra AL-Wattar – Acute Internal Medicine – Yeovil

  • Andrew Thompson - Acute Internal Medicine - Taunton

  • Markus Hauser - Acute Internal Medicine - Cheltenham

Training Opportunities in Southwest – Severn

  • Experience in clinical and managerial running of an Acute Medical Unit or equivalent.

  • Experience in ITU.

  • Training in major medical specialties. This includes cardiology, respiratory medicine and care of the elderly.

  • Opportunity to specialist skill train in one of a variety of skills from echocardiography to medical education.

The duration of each attachment will depend on the trainees training needs and on mutual agreement with the Training Committee.

The Training Hospitals

Annual Assessment Information

Annual assessments occur for every trainee in the form of the Annual Review of Competence (ARCP). This will take place annually and dates for the forthcoming ARCP in Acute Internal Medicine will be published via the events section.

From November 2011 those Trainees on the 2009 Curriculum onwards will need to pass the SCE in Acute Internal Medicine. Details of the forthcoming SCE can be found here.

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For further information regarding rotations, the curriculum and assessments please contact Sarah Gillett, Acute Medicine Interim TPD.