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Applying to IMT in 2020 

As of August 2019, the Internal Medicine Programme was phased in to replace the Core Medical Training programme. This is a three-year programme following the foundation programme, during which trainees will complete all three phases of the MRCP(UK) examinations before they can progress through to enter specialty training at ST4. Some specialties recruit trainees at ST3 level when they have completed two years of IMT and the MRCP(UK) examination.

The IMT curriculum can be found on the JRCPTB website, as can the information regarding the two different training pathways divided into Group 1 specialties and Group 2 specialties. There is also an NHS IMT website which includes information about recruitment, processes, timelines as well as general FAQs. Using the "dates and posts" section on the IMT website gives you a timescale with which to plan your application.

The application set up is as below, although not necessarily in that order, and more explicit information can be found in the “applying” section on the NHS IMT website as well as the Oriel applicant handbook.

  •      Personal details
  •      Eligibility (please ensure you review this section closely)
  •      Fitness to practice
  •      References
  •      Evidence of competences and experience
  •      Selection criteria
  •      Supporting information (be concise but add any and all relevant information)
  •      Equality
  •      Declarations
  •      Employment history
  •      Preferences

As you go through the application form, remember to save each section so that you do not lose information that you have entered. Please ensure that you double check each field in the application form before you submit the completed version as no changes can be made after submission. 
After submitting your application, you can follow the progress on Oriel as well as check messages.