Cardiology Assessments Essential requirements for obtaining a satisfactory outcome during your Annual Assessment:

  • Refer to the Cardiology ARCP decision aid and Cardiology WBPA Guideline Core Cardiology Training from the JRCPTB website in preparation for your assessment.
  • Refer to the Cardiology WBPA Guideline Core Cardiology Training Guideline for Sub-Specialty Training when it becomes available on the JARCPTB website.
  • Ensure your evidence is up-to-date on E-portfolio at least 6 weeks prior to the date of your assessment.
  • Invite your Educational Supervisor to complete your Educational Supervisor Report at least 4 weeks before your assessment. Remember, the more complete the report is, the more likely you are to receive a satisfactory outcome. The form of Educational Supervisor report must be the most current JRCPTB Supervisor Report.
  • Submit your documents on eportfolio two weeks before the date of the assessment. This is a fixed deadline. Trainees that submit documents after this date may receive an adverse outcome.

You should bring the following on the day of the assessment:

  • A logbook of procedures – electronic or paper
  • A summary of your cases
  • One paper copy of your Educational Supervisor’s report
  • One paper copy of relevant certificates
  • One paper copy of a timetable of your working week

At this stage:

  • You are not required to use specific types of forms during your training when logging audit assessments, teaching observation, and evaluation of presentations, however, please refer to this page for any updates on this.
  • Assessments will generally take place in July. Please keep this month available to ensure a seamless and constructive assessment! Assessment dates will be published via the events section. If you have any further questions on this then please contact your School Support Manager (click here for the School's list of contacts).