The Royal United Hospital is a busy district general hospital, serving a population of 500 000. We offer an excellent educational opportunity for trainees wishing to acquire a broad breadth of experience in the CMT years. We have 687 acute inpatient beds, a busy 24-hour A&E department, all of the major specialties and most of the sub-specialties within the Trust.

As part of the Bath CMT rotation you may also rotate to the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic diseases (‘The Mineral Hospital’) for a rheumatology attachment.

The RUH has a strong reputation for providing high quality training with trained motivated consultants, a clear structure of tutors and educational supervisors and a supportive PGMC staff. We have a new education centre and a post graduate centre on site with excellent facilities.

Your 2 year CMT rotation in Bath will consist of 6 x 4 month posts offering a selection of the following specialties:

  • Cardiology
  • Endocrinology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Geriatrics
  • MAU
  • Neurology
  • Oncology
  • Respiratory Medicine
  • Rheumatology

Medical Assessment Unit

As part of the acute medicine team you will work on a full shift rota, managing the acute medical take throughout the week, and also providing ward cover to the medical wards at night. You will share a 13-person rota with F2s, ACCS trainees and GP STs, and provide support to 12 F1 doctors assigned to acute medicine and surgery.

The medical assessment unit has an adjacent ambulatory care area, where you will gain experience in managing day case treatment and rapid assessment of the less ill patients. In addition, this team manages a Short Stay Unit and a Chest Pain Unit, with a rapid throughput of patients.

There are 4 full-time acute medicine consultants, whose specialist interests include cardiology, respiratory medicine and gastroenterology, as well as an SpR; these provide excellent senior support at all times and allow for good training opportunities in the busy working day.

With an average weekday take of 48 patients per day, the breadth of conditions you will see is enormous, and you will also have the opportunity to enhance your procedural skills, including the use of ultrasound guidance for inserting lines or drains.

There is a weekly departmental teaching session, and audit within acute medicine is strongly encouraged.


The department includes 5 respiratory consultants with a supporting team of 4 ST3-7s, 1 ST1, 1 F2 and 2 F1s. The department not only provides a comprehensive respiratory service but also offers specialist services in interstitial lung disease, sleep services, cystic fibrosis and pulmonary hypertension. All inpatient work is carried out in a purpose built 33 bedded ward which includes a Respiratory High Care Unit where acute non-invasive ventilation can be delivered. Successful candidates will also be involved in delivering outpatient care via a weekly respiratory clinic and respiratory pleural procedures clinic. Regular educational meetings are held within the department and a number of opportunities are available for postholders to complete audits and become involved in ongoing service development.

Geriatric Medicine

There are 8 Geriatricians at the RUH leading a multidisciplinary team providing the geriatrics service. The post provides an opportunity to learn about all aspects of acute elderly care medicine, while also appreciating the wider multidisciplinary nature of long-term conditions and their associated disability.

During your attachment you will also have the opportunity to gain experience in the following subspecialties:

  • Stroke (including thrombolysis)
  • Dementia
  • Falls & syncope
  • Orthogeriatrics
  • Movement Disorders
  • Respiratory Disease in the Elderly).

We hold weekly educational meetings, a weekly X-ray meeting, an SHO teaching programme and a stroke journal club. We have a well established audit programme in the department. 


There are 5 Cardiologists who lead a team of specialist doctors and nurses. The Cardiology department is a dedicated multi-disciplinary team that provides an effective and efficient service, including the following:

  • Full range of in-patient & out-patient services, including rapid access chest pain clinics
  • Coronary angioplasty, including primary angioplasty for STEMI
  • Diagnostic cardiac catheterisation
  • Pulmonary hypertension service
  • Pacemaker implantation
  • Full echo facilities, including TTE, TOE, 3D echo, and Stress echo
  • Myocardial perfusion scanning
  • 8 bedded CCU & 40 bedded Cardiac Ward


There are 2 Neurologists who work together as part of a multidisciplinary team in looking after the neurology in-patients. There are many learning opportunities as part of the everyday clinical work on the ward, these include training in lumbar punctures, neuroradiology and neurophysiology.

The very closely supervised out-patient clinics provide experience of out patient neurology.


‘The Min’ is a specialist hospital with a strong tradition in teaching and research and offers experience in a broad range of rheumatological disorders and neurorehabilitation. The rheumatology team consists of 5 consultants who sub-specialise. There is 1 consultant in neurorehabilitation.

The rotation involves either 4 months of rheumatology or 2 months each in rheumatology and neurorehabilitation. You will undertake a regular outpatient clinic and look after in-patients. There are opportunities to attend speciality clinics in rheumatology, metabolic bone disease and orthopaedics.

There is a weekly journal club, x-ray and postgraduate meeting.


The Royal United Hospital, Bath, provides cancer services for a population of 500,000 and diagnoses approximately 2200 new cases of cancer each year. Most of the Oncologists working at the Royal United Hospital also work at the Bristol Oncology Centre.

  • Dr.P.Cornes specialises in Gynaecological cancers.
  • Dr. E. Gilby specialises in Bowel cancer, Upper Gastro Intestinal cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Ovarian cancer ,Testicular Teratoma, and Melanoma.
  • Dr. H. Newman specialises in Brain tumors, Head and neck cancer, Urological cancers and Breast cancer.
  • Dr.G. Rees specialises in Lower bowel cancer, Thyroid cancer and Breast cancer
  • Dr.O. Frim specialises in Lung cancer

Other doctors working with the Oncology team include Dr. S. Mancero an associate Specialist and Dr P. Eavis a Clinical assistant.

A wide range of services for both adults and young people are offered including specialist surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, haematology, palliative and supportive care services.

We have an excellent Specialist Palliative Care Team working across the RUH and who work closely with Dorothy House – our local hospice services and Community Macmillan Team.


There are 5 Consultant Physicians who each lead a dynamic multiprofessional team in diabetes and endocrinology and share responsibility for a general medicine/endocrinology ward base.

  • There is a weekly team education meeting and a weekly radiology meeting.
  • Trainees are encouraged to spend time with the multidisciplinary diabetes team to gain greater insight into the management of diabetes for both in and outpatients in particular
  • Trainees have a weekly dedicated outpatient list and are also encouraged to attend a range of specialist clinics.

There is opportunity to gain experience in performing a range of dynamic endocrine testing & learning how to interpret those result


There are 5 Gastroenterology consultants who lead a team of specialist doctors and nurses. The inpatient work includes caring for patients on our 24 bedded GI unit which specialises in looking after patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Liver Disease and GI bleeds as well as other inpatient GI problems. The team works closely with the GI surgical unit and there are regular histopathology and radiology meetings. The weekly outpatient clinic provides experience of the less acute aspects of Gastroenterology including chronic liver disease, functional bowel disease and less acute IBD.

Teaching Facilities

Core Medical Teaching

There is a weekly teaching programme for the CMT trainee on a Thursday afternoon in the PGMC. Teaching is aimed specifically at meeting the requirements of the new CMT curriculum and equipping the CMT trainees with the skills needed to be a good doctor.

There are also departmental educational programmes in each specialty

PACES Teaching

There is a regular PACES teaching leading up to exam times. We have a very good track record at success for our SHOs at PACES.

Grand Round

There is a weekly medical grand round (Monday lunchtime) in the PGMC

  • Clinical Tutor – Dr Charles Singer
  • RCP College Tutors – Dr John Linehan & Dr Kate Peacock
  • RCP Associate Tutors – Dr Pete Taylor & Dr Tim French