Training Programme Director – Dr Sarah Gillett

Approximately 130 Specialty Trainees in the South West Severn Region


40-50% of ward patients could be classified as GIM cases

The numbers are likely to increase with age

Common categories:

  • Acute geriatric
  • Physical manifestations of mental health including substance abuse
  • Acute complications of malignancies
  • Acute exacerbations of chronic diseases
  • Miscellaneous Specialities involved:
  • Respiratory
  • Endocrinology
  • Medicine for the elderly
  • Gastro-enterology
  • Cardiology
  • Renal Medicine
  • Immunology
  • Rheumatology

Components of training:

  • Unselected medical takes
  • Unselected out of hours acute ward referral
  • Follow up of a proportion of acutely admitted patients in wards

Duration of training:

  • 36 months for all medical specialities
  • 24 months + Cardiology and Renal Medicine

Cardiology and Renal Medicine:

  • Year 1-2: High intensity GIM Training
  • Year 3-4: 75% structured study days
  • Year 5-6: 3 months of high intensity training
  • or 6 months of low intensity training

In addition, at RITA/ PYA, SpR’s need to demonstrate

  • 75% attendance of SW structured study days or equivalent
  • Management course
  • ALS certificate
  • GIM audit

Familiarity with ethical and legal issues

  • Advanced directives
  • Living well
  • DVLA issues
  • Withdrawal and withholding treatment
  • Management of relatives
  • Able to balance duties to patients and to employers

The G(I)M Curriculum

Refer to the JRCPTB website for further information on the G(I)M Curriculum and transferring to the new Curriculum. In particular, there are links half way down the page with useful information on the transferring process:

Logbook Template

The JRCPTB have issued a logbook template for trainees to use to document requirements in the new curriculum. See:

Current Membership

      Name             Specialty            Trust/Hospital

  • Tom Pickett -  Acute Medicine - Renal Medicine Gloucester
  • Sam Patel  - Acute Medicine - Rheumatology North Bristol
  • Mark Mallet - Acute Medicine - Bath
  • Nabil Jarad - Respiratory Medicine (Chair) - BRI
  • Mohammad Quadiri - Medicine for the Elderly - Yeovil
  • Paul Easton - Medicine for the Elderly - Weston
  • Markus Hauser - Acute Medicine - Cheltenham
  • Joanne Watson - Endocrinology - Taunton
  • Charlotte Cannon - Acute Medicine - Swindon

SpR Representative

For further information regarding rotations, the curriculum, and assessments please contact Dr Sarah Gillett, General Internal Medicine Training Programme Director.