The financial year runs from the 1st April to 31st March.

If you are a full-time trainee you are entitled to 30 days study leave within the financial year and 18 days if you are part-time.

Study leave applications must be submitted via Intrepid. Please ensure that the online study leave application is submitted in advance of your course, training days, exams etc.

Important: Before you submit your study leave application online you will need to obtain approval from your Educational Supervisor and Rota Manager using your local Trust procedures. Please note that the normal Trust process will also need to be followed.

Please note that you still need to submit an application form even when you are not intending to claim any expenses. If you are not claiming any study days because the courses are being held on the weekends or because you are not on call or on the roster to work please mark ‘0’ in the ‘no. of days applied for’ box.

Study Leave Expense Claim Form

  • Please ensure that your study leave expense claim form is typed and filled out fully.
  • You must send a copy of your certificate as proof of attendance along with the claim form.
  • You must send all receipts that you are claiming money for along with the claim form. Receipts for course fees must have the name of the course on them. Receipts must show that the amount has been 'paid'. We cannot accept 'invoices' as proof of payment if they do not show the amount has been 'paid'.
  • If you do not receive a certificate or receipt or if the name of the course is not on the receipt then we can also accept an email from one of the organisers of the course confirming your attendance and payment.

Claims without all of the above cannot be approved.

Please mark all study leave for the attention of Lucy Reeves and post to Severn Postgraduate Medical Education (please click here for the full address).

  • We cannot pay study leave to trainees whilst they are Out of Programme.
  • We cannot reimburse international flights.
  • We cannot reimburse exam fees.
  • We cannot pay for any claims without proof of payment and proof of attendance.
  • We can only pay up to £55.00 per night accommodation unless the accommodation is in London.