IMT Regional Teaching

Category: Training - Regional Teaching Programme

Date: September 25th 2020 8:45am until 4:00pm


IMT Trainee this Regional Training event will be held remotely please book on to the Regional Teaching Event, once we have clarity we will send detail.


Draft timetable only so far


9-10                     Carolyn Mackinlay          Introduction to IM training


10 - 11                   Maria Pippias                     Haematuria & Glomerulonephritis


11.15 -12.15        Francesca Neuberger     AMU not topic yet


12.15 – 1.15        John Cameron                   Chronic Kidney Disease, drug prescribing in the presence of renal impairment.


2 – 3                       Sam Murray                       Gastro no topic yet


3 – 4                       Stephanie Eckoldt            Palliative Care


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