How do I get to Park House?

Please see the following link, specifically the address, map and "Find us by" tabs on the left-hand side of the page.

What are the dates/locations for upcoming School of Medicine courses and ARCPs? 

You will find most of these in the Events Section of the School of Medicine website using the following link

What should I bring to my assessment?

Please refer to your individual specialty page and/or ARCP invitation which you would have received via email for details on what you need to bring to your assessment.

What is the process a trainee should follow when resigning from post?

  • A formal letter of resignation should be submitted to the medical staffing department of your employing Trust, copying in your Training Programme Director, Educational Supervisor and Recruitment Manager at Severn PGME copied in (see contacts section) – this letter must state your formal contract end date.
  • Trainees must ensure all measures are taken to minimise the impact upon service provision and must meet the minimum notice period requirements of their Trust contract.

I'm looking for information/forms regarding Revalidation. 

Please see the following link (along with the related tabs on the left-hand side of the page)

I'm looking for information/forms regarding Quality Panels. 

Please see the following link  

Who do I contact at my Trust regarding Study Leave/Expense Claims? 

Please see the following link

I have a question related to my specialty. 

The specialty sections of the School of Medicine website contain a great deal of useful information. These can be found using the following link, specifically the tabs on the left-hand side of the page. 

How can I find out what my National Training Number (NTN) or Deanery Reference Number (DRN) is?

Your NTN/DRN can be found on your ARCP outcome form and on the completed Form R returned to you by Severn PGME after you commenced training in your current programme. Alternative email your School Support Manager.

How do I obtain a copy of my ARCP form?

Logon to ePortfolio and select the 'progression' tab, then select 'ARCP'.

Alternative enquiries relating to higher specialty training in medicine?


Alternative enquiries relating to core medical training?

Email: or telephone 01454 252 637