ARCP – Annual Review of Competence Progression

BMA – British Medical Association

BMJ – British Medical Journal

CCST – Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training

CCT – Certificate of Completion of Training

CME – Continuing Medical Education

CMT – Core Medical Training/Trainee

COPmed – Conference of Postgraduate Medical Deans

CPD – Continuing Professional Development

CT – Clinical Tutor

DAPs – Deans Advisory Panel

DME – Department of Medicine for the Elderly

DoH – Department of Health

EEA – European Economic Area

Flexi Training – Working part time

FTSTA – Fixed Term Specialist Training Appointment

GMC – General Medical Council

GP – General Practitioner

HMT – Higher Medical Training

HSMP – Highly Skilled Migrant Programme

JCHMT – Joint Committee on Higher Medical Training

LAS – Locum Appointment for Service (not a training post)

LAT – Locum Appointment for Training (can count toward CCST)

MADEL - Medical and Dental Education Levy. The budget that supports the Postgraduate education of Doctors in both primary and secondary care through subsidies provided to Trusts and PCTs for the basic salary costs of doctors in training as well as funding specific educational activities and initiatives. The budget is managed by the Postgraduate Deanery.

MMC – Modernising Medical Careers

MRCP – Member of the Royal College of Physicians

PFT – Permit Free Training

PMETB – Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board

PYA – Penultimate Year Assessment

RA – Regional Advisor

RCP – Royal College of Physicians

RITA – Record of In-Training Assessment

SCA – Specialist Advisory Committee

SpR – Specialist Registrar

ST – Specialist Training

STC – Specialist Training Committee

TPD – Training Programme Director